Testimonial – Zary Hassan / 1st year – medicine course – 2015/

I am from the UK and applied for Medicine at the University of Debrecen and passed successfully now in my first year settled in and starting my journey. Sandor has been great help for me and my family in being a great support system for helping me to apply for the University Of Debrecen, succeed in the entrance exam and settle in into the university. Moving to Debrecen to study can be very frightening but Sandor made it all very easy and it has by far been one of the best decisions I have made to come over here with the help of Sandor. He does not only help in the academic area but also in the day to day life in the sense that you can call him to translate for you when ordering a pizza! Being disheartened once not getting into medical school in London it was very difficult to find the motivation to study again but the University of Debrecen brought back my motivation having being a very exciting journey with the best help one can get.