Testimonial – Ravi Chandarana, 1st year, Dentistry

‘In my experience so far as a first year student at The University of Debrecen, I have found it a very welcoming and friendly environment to study in. The truly international nature of the University means that you will meet people from many diverse countries that you otherwise would not have met! The university has state of the art facilities and a large, green and open campus, making it a perfect environment to study in. The city also has a vibrant social scene, enabling students to enjoy a perfect balance between work and play at the University.

Applying as a student to study in a foreign country can be a very discouraging and worrying experience. This however, is not the case when applying with Sandor Bone. From advising you with your application, helping you secure accommodation in a student hostel or flat, to being there when you need any general advice, Sandor is there for students throughout their time studying in Debrecen, and his help has undoubtedly been invaluable for me.’