Testimonial – Osama Al-Okati ,5th year, Dentistry

’ One of the main reasons of selecting Dentistry at the University of Debrecen was the fact, how well established the university is and its widely recognised degree. I am from the UK and currently fifth year. All the professors and teachers are highly qualified and lectures and practices are very well taught. The course structure is very well organized. Most of the preclinical studies are done in the first 3 years and once 4th year is reached, you have the responsibility to see your own patients with the supervision of the practice teachers. The dental building is new with the most up to date technology, which will produce well skilled dentists. This enables the student to carry their skills and knowledge to other parts of the world including the UK. I won a place in dentistry with the help of Sandor in September 2009 and his guidance around the city made me feel more secured. It is always difficult to leave home to a country where English is not the first language, however the school teaches you basic Hungarian language where it is enough to get around Debrecen. This may seem difficult, but this gives you a sense of responsibility that I feel grateful to have had a chance to acquire. Debrecen is very small and full of international students, so you would never feel alone. I was privileged to meet other international students from all over the world. There are all essential shops and shopping malls where students can do their shopping, go to a cinema or just simply hang out. To get around Debrecen, you can take a tram, bus or even a taxi and transportation is cheap. I know many students from UK that graduated from the University of Debrecen and are working as dentists and doctors and hopefully within a year time I would be one of them. Osama Al-Okati’