Testimonial – Dr. Gurpreet Singh Nandra, DMD dental graduate.

‘My Name is Guri Nandra. I studied Dentistry at the University of Debrecen. I qualified last year (2013). I have had a great experience in Debrecen. Initially it took a while to get comfortable. Adjusting to the Hungarian life was difficult. However I was lucky to make some good friends both international and Hungarians. With regards to studying it is different to the UK way of teaching that I was used to but I soon to grips with it and managed to get through the exams. It was a great benefit having Sandor to guide us and just someone to call if there was anything I needed. The city itself is very nice. It is small so everything is close by. The people are friendly and many places are happy to see students. Life after Debrecen is different. I am currently in the Foundation Dentistry program. It was the same procedure as the UK graduates. All in all the experience I had was great. The important thing to remember, is work hard and play hard.’