Testimonial – Amarjeet Singh Rehal, 2nd year, Dentistry

Hi. I, Amarjeet Singh Rehal, I am currently a second year Dentistry student at Debrecen University. Before coming to Hungary, my personal research definitely concluded Debrecen University as one of the best in general and for Dentistry. Therefore, I straightaway contacted Sandor Bone (Representative of Debrecen University), who guided me through the application procedure very smoothly. In the process of doing so I found him to be extremely kind as well as helpful in answering all my queries with ease, all of which helped me gain my place.

In terms of the University itself, all the department buildings are in close proximity to flats and student hostels (Auguszta). The lecturers are all very qualified in their various fields and thus can help explain concepts in depth, which is always very good for understanding material. The Dentistry faculty is very well equipped with instruments and tools required to teach the dental subjects sufficiently.

The University life is amazing, both within and outside. Although there aren’t many local shops, but the city centre is only twenty minutes away filled with colour, open space and great restaurants as well as an enormous shopping centre (Forum) and Plaza.