Pharmacy study in English at the University of Debrecen

Medical physician doctor woman over pharmacy background.

Pharmacy study in Hungary take five years (10 semesters) Pharmacists are trained in the clinical use and application of drugs, the therapeutic goals of drug use, their formulations, contraindications, adverse effects, and the potential for drug interactions. As drugs have become more potent and specific and information more plentiful, pharmacists have assumed a primary responsibility for monitoring drug therapy. Since the professional role of the Pharmacist has become integral to modern health care, education in this field is constantly evolving.

Pharmacists are active in primary patient care activities such as hypertension screening, therapy with over-the-counter products, patient profiles, and drug regimens review. They understand the health care needs of specialised patient groups, such as children and the elderly. In addition to a thorough familiarity with the nature of drugs their professional training must consider both the medication and the patient, with emphasis on making certain that the patient has the right drug, in the right amount, for the right length of time, and with a minimum of adverse effects. Most pharmacists practice in patient-oriented settings, including

  • The community,
  • Hospitals,
  • Extended health care facilities or public health clinics.

Other opportunities for employment of pharmacists exist in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical industries in research and development,
  • Manufacturing industries,
  • As medical service representatives,
  • Educational institutions, government agencies, health maintenance organizations, and home-based health care programs.

1st and 2nd year

Mathematics 60
Physics 45
General Chemistry Theory 45
General Chemistry Practice 75
Pharmaceutical Biology 116
Hungarian Language 120
Pharmaceutical Latin Language 60
Pharmaceutical Propedeutics 15
Inorganic and Qualitative Analytical Chemistry Theory 45
Inorganic and Qualitative Analytical Chemistry Practice 90
Biophysics 44
Physical Chemistry 90
Organic Chemistry Theory 120
Organic Chemistry Practice 116
Pharmaceutical Anatomy 75
Pharmaceutical Botany Theory 30
Pharmaceutical Botany Practice 30
Quantitative Analytical Chemistry Theory 75
Human Physiology 105
Basic Biochemistry 45
Colloid and Surface Chemistry Theory 28
Colloid and Surface Chemistry Practice 28
Quantitative Analytical Chemistry Practice 75
Pharmaceutical Biochemistry 50
Pharmaceutical Technology Theory 30
Pharmaceutical Technology Practice 60
Pharmacognosy Theory 30
Pharmacognosy Practice 60

3rd year

Pharmaceutical Technology Theory 60
Pharmaceutical Technology Practice 240
Pharmaceutical Neurobiology 65
Complex Pathology 135
Pharmacognosy Theory 30
Pharmacognosy Practice 60
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Theory 105
Pharmaceutical Chemistry Practice 60
Immunology 37
Hungarian Lanugage 60