Performance (Music), BA

The Faculty of Music, the former Conservatory of Debrecen was accredited on its 40 years anniversary in November, 2006.

The past decades brought about the ability and the possibility of education in English language. Greek, Persian, Japanese students have already finished their studies in different musical fields in the college or the university section. The faculty has foreign graduates from Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Japan and the USA, some of them obtained PhD or DLA qualifications by now. The new, talented young colleagues – performers or teachers – have jobs in Hungary or in other European countries as teachers, professors, performers, orchestra members, singers in theatres, tutors, etc.

Education in the Bologna system is just in development now, the BA specializations are successfully accredited, the accreditation of MA specializations is currently in progress. The building of the Faculty is equipped with the necessary instruments, isolated classrooms, concert hall, library, digital studio and electronic infrastructure providing good conditions for lectures, lessons and practice. Students are accommodated in our boarding house for 110 persons.

Specialized fields

classical piano, organ, guitar, violin, viola, cello, double bass, recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussions, voice, conducting of orchestra and choir, church music – organ with specializations of church music-choir conducting

Main subjects

  • Basic knowledge:
    philosophy, aesthetics, ethics, studies of history of culture and art, general and Hungarian history of music, folk music, studies of works of music, acoustics
  • General technical knowledge and skills according to specialization:
    theory of music, solfeggio, piano, chamber music/singing, contemporary music, orchestral/choir practice, thesis (diploma concert)
  • Differentiated technical knowledge:
    techniques of the instrument/voice/conducting/church music activities, productive analysis of works, repertoire studies, concert practice, stylistic courses, technical knowledge required for the degree