Mechanical Engineering, BSc

Objectives and Perspectives

The aim of the Mechanical Engineering BSc program is to train professionals who possess

  • a well-grounded and broad knowledge that graduates of this Faculty can apply immediately in their work and also use as the basis for further studies on master level
  • an ethical philosophy of engineering and a respect for the human element respectively

Our students acquire practical knowledge in technology, in system engineering, in designing software i.e. CAD, CAE, CAM and FEM.
Through the learning of basic law, economics, quality management and maintenance strategies, students are capable to carry out projects concerning production and inspection.

Duration of studies: 7 semesters
Number of teaching (contact) hours: 2,352
Number of required ECTS credits: 210


Basics of Natural Sciences
·         Mathematics 13
·         Technical Mechanics 13
·         Engineering Physics 4
·         Introduction to Mechanical Engineering 4
·         Thermodynamics and heat transfer 10
·         Technical Chemistry 4
Economics and humanities
·         Economics 8
·         Quality Management 6
·         State administration and law 3
·         Introduction to Ethics 3
Field Specific Vocational Subjects
·         Informatics 6
·         Descriptive Geometry 4
·         Technical Drawing, Machine Elements 14
·         CAD, CAE, 3D computer aided design 7
·         Material science and testing, Technology of structural materials 11
·         Electrotechnics and electronics, Measuring and automatics 12
·         Fluid mechanics and hydraulics 8
·         Manufacturing processes 11
·         Logistics, Safety engineering 6
·         Fracture Mechanics, FEM 7
·         Mechanical System Engineering 4
·         Loading Analysis and Damage Theory, Non-Destructive Testing and diagnostic 8
·         Heat and fluid machines 8
·         Inspection and Maintenance 4
Thesis 15
Elective subjects
·         Material selection 3
·         CAM 3
·         Basics of mechatronics 4
·         Metal-cutting Processing 4
·         Engineering Ethics 3
·         Maintenance Strategies 3


The Mechanical Engineering Program at the Faculty of Engineering began in 1965. The Faculty has a continuous and progressive 45-year history and from the 2010/11 academic year offers a 3.5-year Mechanical Engineering B.Sc. program in English.
The Faculty of Engineering has about 40 staff member, a third of them are professors and associate professors with fluent English. The Faculty is well equipped with laboratories and workshops and has a technical library enjoying the technical support and database of the National University Library of Debrecen.