English and American Studies, BA

Objectives and Perspectives

Our aim is to enable students to obtain proficiency in English, to acquire critical and analytical skills developed through the study of the English Language, Literatures in English as well as the social, cultural and political history of the English-speaking world, and to provide a broad educational experience, making it possible for graduates to choose from a wide range of career opportunities including teaching, the media, the tourist industry, diplomacy, business and administration.

Duration of studies: 6 semesters
Number of required credits: 180
Number of teaching (contact) hours: 1800

Major Subjects

In the first two semesters students do compulsory foundation modules which include subjects like Essay Writing and Research, British and American Civilization, Introduction to Linguistics and Literature, Skills Development, Translation, Vocabulary Building and The Structure of English. The second year is devoted to training within three modules: Linguistics, Literature and Culture, History and Civilization. The subjects taught include The Noun Phrase, Introduction to Applied Linguistics, British and American Literary Seminars, Introduction to Literature and Visual Culture, History of the British Isles, American Culture and Institutions, and History of the USA. In the third year students can take more specialised courses in British Literature and Culture, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics or American Studies, depending on their chosen track. Our BA program is supplemented by further specialisation opportunities in Business English and Translation, Theatre Studies and Communication, as well as English for Information Design.

MA in British Studies
MA in American Studies
MA in Teaching

Students earning our BA degree will have:

  • a broad understanding and reliable command of the English Language
  • skills in the interpretation of both literary and non-literary texts
  • a profound understanding of English-language cultures
  • comprehension of the variety of approaches to the study of literature, language and culture
  • the ability to conduct individual research
  • a firm foundation for future studies at a higher level
  • skills that are applicable to a broad range of career opportunities


The Institute of English and American Studies is located in the main building of Debrecen University, which is one of the most imposing university edifices in Central Europe. It is made up of four departments and has over 40 well-, and highly-qualified staff members. IEAS has one of the largest institute libraries at the University with over 40000 books, its seminar and lecture rooms are well-equipped.