Computer Science Engineering, BSc

Objectives and Perspectives

The aim of the program is to train IT engineers who have the skills needed to plan, develop and service technical installations that utilize IT-based solutions, especially with regard to technical and infrastructural systems and services, as well as their data and software systems. Students obtain practical engineering techniques associated with the installation and commissioning of IT infrastructure.

Duration of studies: 7 semesters
Number of teaching (contact) hours: 2,100
Number of required ECTS credits: 210

Advanced compulsory vocational subjects and optional vocational subjects are grouped into specializations. Students who select a particular specialization may only obtain the compulsory 40 credits from subjects associated with their chosen specialization.

Compulsory Subjects

Discrete Mathematics, Calculus, Logical Basics of Informatics, Introduction to Informatics, Computer Architectures, Physics, Electronics, Data Structures and Algorithms, High Level Programming Languages, Operating Systems, Practice in Electronics, Database Systems, Introduction to Computer Graphics, Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Signals and Systems, Network Architectures, Digital Technologies, Theory of Computing, Practice in Programming, Basics of Artificial Intelligence, Corporate Information Systems, Models of Information Systems, Basics of the Security in Informatics, Technology of Control, Models of Corporate Information Systems, Decision Support Systems.

Electives in Social Sciences

Economics, Economics of Enterprises, Law and State Studies, EU Studies, Management.


Info-communication Networks
Telecommunication Systems, Performance Evaluation of Networks, Practice, Information and Coding Theory, Data Security, High-Speed Networks, Multimedia
Measurement and Process Control
Methods of Simulation in Computer Systems, Technologies of Measurement, Practice, Sensors and Controllers, Computer Aided Measurement and Process Control, Microcontrollers, Technological Image Processing, DSP, Digital Signal Processing and Signal Processors
Corporate IT Systems
Logistics, Quality and Reliability, Maintenance and Management, Production Management, Communication in Business, Practice, Management Information Systems, Informatics in Production, Law in Informatics, Office Automatization

MSc in Computer Science and Information Technology