Chemical Engineering, BSc

Objectives and Perspectives

Our objective is to train professionals who possess the general knowledge, technical intelligence, mastery of at least one foreign language, the basics of natural, social and engineering sciences, which are essential for the practice of the chosen profession.

It is likewise important that students acquire the most essential skills in technology and safety, environmental protection, management and social sciences. Concrete practical methods as well as the capability to apply acquired skills will help them to get accustomed to the professional requirements and standards of their future workplace. They will be capable of understanding/controlling production processes, preparing quality insurance and technical services and solving tasks regarding planning and development.

Through the learning of basic legal, economic and management skills, students will be trained to carry out projects concerning production and marketing. In addition, senior students will possess the necessary theoretical and practical expertise to solve problems appearing in the processes of the chemical and related industries, can furthermore plan and operate complex technological systems and carry out research and development tasks.

Duration of studies: 7 semesters
Number of teaching (contact) hours: 2,100
Number of required ECTS credits: 210

Compulsory subjects

General and scientific foundations (mathematics, physics, general and inorganic-, macromolecular-, colloid- and bio- chemistry), Economic and human sciences (basics of legal, economic and management sciences), Basics of professional knowledge (physical- and analytical- chemistry, informatics and computer models, mechanics, unit operations, chemical technology, safety), Higher engineering (petrol chemistry, plastics, environmental technology, radiochemistry, quality management, instrumental analytical methods and quality assurance), Thesis

Elective subjects

e.g. chemical technology of hi-tech materials, production of plastics etc.

Chemical Engineering
Materials Engineering
Materials Science
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Science