Business Programs at the University of Debrecen in Hungary

Education and research

  • as a basic objective, the Faculty of Economics and Business endeavors to spread economic knowledge and to increase the level of economic understanding and business skills
  • the Faculty provides a wide variety of programs from higher vocational training courses to PhD programs
  • practical- oriented training plays an important role in the programs of the Faculty, and enables graduates to control and manage enterprises or businesses, and to cope with the challenges presented by international economic competition
  • higher vocational training courses:
    • Professional Financial Administrator
    • Professional Accounting Administrator
  • Bachelor programs:
    • BA in Public Administration
    • BA in Business Administration and Management (also taught in English)
    • BA in International Business Economics
  • Master programs:
    • MA in International Economy and Business
    • MSc in Management and Leadership
    • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (also taught in English)
  • postgraduate specialization program: Business Coach
  • doctoral program: Competitiveness, Globalization and Regionalism
  • besides these, the Faculty cooperates in other Bachelor and Master programs with other Faculties of the university (e.g. BA and MA in Business Information Systems)
  • main research areas include
    • comparative economics
    • development economics
    • institutional economics
    • the economics of integration and transition, knowledge society
    • labor organization
    • the financing and cost-efficiency of education and research

International relations

  • the Faculty has extensive international relations with almost 30 higher educational institutions from all over the world
  • most of these belong to the framework of the ERASMUS program, but there are other bilateral co-operations and successful ATLANTIS projects as well
  • Faculty membership of international organizations:
    • International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW)
    • Decision Sciences Institute European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (EACES)

Business Partners

  • due to the compulsory professional practical placement in several programs, the Faculty has widespread connections with local and regional partners
  • co-operation agreements exist with several multinational institutions (Henkel, Ernst & Young, National Instruments, Teva), financial institutions (CIB Bank, Erste Bank, K&H Bank) the local government and the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry.