Business course – Business Administration and Management, BA

Objectives and Perspectives

The aim of the programme is to prepare specialists in economics and business who using the skills acquired in the fields of economics, social sciences, applied economics, methodology and their chosen specialisation are able to analyse, plan, organise, coordinate and accomplish the activities of business organisations and institutions. The programme provides students with the necessary background knowledge to continue to the second (MA) phase of their training.


Duration of Studies: 6 semesters for academic studies + 1 semester for traineeship
Number of ECTS credits: 180 + 30
Number of teaching (contact) hours: 1800


General Core Module 46
·         Mathematics 10
·         Statistics 10
·         Economics 17
·         Basics in Informatics 3
·         Economic Policy 3
·         The World Economy 3
Business Core Module 53
·         Business Law 7
·         Business 3
·         Accounting 10
·         Organisational Behaviour 7
·         Marketing 4
·         Corporate Finance 8
·         Decision Theory and Methodology 4
·         Database Management and Information Systems 3
·         European Union Studies 3
·         International Business 4
Advanced Professional Module 27
·         Marketing Management 4
·         Human Resource Management 4
·         Corporate Strategy 4
·         Management of Value Adding Processes 4
·         Controlling 5
·         Business Planning 3
·         Change Management 3
Professional Optional Subjects 36
Skill Development Optional Courses 9
Social Science Optional Courses 9

Students completing the BA course will be able to:

  • fill specialised positions in business organisations,
  • provide the necessary problem-solving approach to decisions taken within companies,
  • communicate effectively in both domestic and international business contexts using their knowledge of foreign languages and their Information Technology skills,
  • adapt to the changing environment and develop their own careers by analysing their experiences and continuing their professional education; further, to widen the knowledge they have gained on the course through practical experience,
  • carry out independent work in various fields within companies,
  • undertake management functions in the general management of organisations


The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration has about 40 staff members, approximately 40% of them are full or associate professors. Most of them speak fluent English, and have broad educational experience. The faculty is well equipped with several computer laboratories and an extensive research library.

International relations

We have extensive international relations with almost 30 higher educational institutions from all over the world. Most of these connections are in the frame of ERASMUS programme, but we have other bilateral co-operations and a successful ATLANTIS project, too.
The international organisational membership of the faculty:
International Association for Research in Income and Wealth (IARIW)
Decision Sciences Institute
European Association for Comparative Economic Studies (EACES)

Business Partners

Due to the compulsory professional practical placement our BA in Management and Business Administration programme has we have widespread connections with local and regional business enterprises, financial and government institutions. We have wider and deeper co-operation agreement with several multinational institutions (Henkel, Ernst & Young, National Instruments, Teva) financial institutions (CIB Bank, Erste Bank, K&H Bank) the local government and the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Main research areas

Comparative economics, development economics, institutional economics, economics integration and transition, knowledge society, labor organization, financing and cost-efficiency of education and research.