Biology, BSc

Our aim is to provide students with basic knowledge in the most important biological fields, to attain skills in fundamental methods of laboratory and applied biology, and acquaints them with the most important processes of biochemistry, cytology, components of living organisms. The Biology BSc program covers a broad range of biological science including the most important concepts in modern biology; the levels of biological organization; the fundamental principles of structure and function and the development of ecosystems.
The Institute of Biology and Ecology at the University of Debrecen has about 50 staff members, a third of whom are professors and associate professors with fluent English, established educational and research experience and regular research publication. The institute is well equipped and has an almost complete new Life Sciences library with more than 20000 books and about 200 journals in biology and ecology. Our libraries also enjoy the technical support and database of the National University Library of Debrecen. The institute is located in the two newest buildings of the Faculty of Science: the Life Sciences Building and the Ecological Building, with well equipped, spacious and computerized lecture rooms and laboratories.

Course Structure:
During the first year the basic elements of Basic Environmental Sciences, Elementary Mathematics and Informatics, Basics in Biochemistry and Chemistry, Basic Physics and Geology, Basics of Botany and Zoology are gained. Then deeper studies follow such as Basic Ecology and Biogeography, Plant-physiology and Animal-physiology, Molecular biology and Biotechnology, Ethnology, Hydrobiology and Soil Science, Advanced Ecology. The last year is devoted to Human biology, Environmental protection and Nature conservation, Advanced Botany and Zoology, Advanced Biochemistry and Cytology, Advanced Microbiology and Biotechnology, Advanced Genetics and Molecular biology, Conservation Genetics. This is supplemented with a series of elective courses.

Graduate Study Opportunities
MSc programs in development:

  • Molecular Biology
  • Biology
  • Bioengineering
  • Environmental Science