Applied Mathematics, MSc

The main aim of the program is to provide the students with effective knowledge what they can successfully apply both in the mathematical modelling and in the solution of problems arising in practice. Emphasis is put on the capability of working cooperatively in groups with experts of other fields (computer science, engineering, economics, etc.). The quality and the quantity of the knowledge what the students can gain make the entrance possible to the PhD program of the Institute.

Course Structure:
Main Subjects
Basics in the following subjects for all students: Algebra and number theory, Analysis, Geometry, Probability and statistics, Informatics and operational research.

Specific subjects for all students:
Discrete mathematics, Operations research, Applied analysis, Stochastic processes, Theory of algorithms.

Specific subjects in the different subprograms:
Mathematics of Engineering:Numerical analysis, solutions of differential equations
Linear models and applications
Numerical mathematics
Stochastic processes
Mathematics of Finance:Statistics
Stochastic systems
Financial science
Mathematics of Computer Science:Data mining
Mathematical theory of networks
Theory of complexity
Design, analyzing and implementation of algorithms and data structures Cryptography and data security
Information theory
Codes and symmetric structures

Beside these subjects the students can choose from a variety of elective courses.