American Studies, MA

Disciplinary MA program in the broadly interpreted field of American Studies, with opportunities for specialization in ethnic and multicultural studies or American literature.

Duration of studies: 4 semesters
Number of teaching (contact) hours: 1,200
Number of required ECTS credits: 120


  • ethnic and multicultural studies
  • American literature

Admission requirements:

  • Certificate of English proficiency (international B2 level, 4 skills)
  • Admission into the MA program is possible on condition that the applicant has completed at least 50 credits in the field of English Studies
  • In case the latter condition is not met, the student must have a record of at least 38 completed credits in the field of English Studies; the missing credits can be completed parallel with the MA training within two terms from the date of admission
  • An oral entrance examination: discussion of the candidate’s research interests, testing her/his general familiarity with some basic aspects of English studies and her/his ability to complete successfully the MA program. The topic of the entrance interview will be any kind of subject within the field of British or American Studies (such as linguistics, literary studies, cultural studies, or history) as specified by the candidate. The starting point of the interview will be a text formerly written by the candidate (e.g. a take-home essay or a chapter from her/his thesis), which s/he can choose freely. The candidate should be able to give a summary of her/his ideas in the text, speak about the sources used in it, and take part in a professional conversation following the summary
  • Candidates must submit their texts at least 7 days in advance of the entrance interview, in electronic form